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St. Francis De Sales English Medium School is established & administered by the Missionaries. (Priests / Fathers) of St. Francis De Sales. In short is called M.S.F.S. and the institutions under its Management are called S.F.S. institutions in India. There are 22 S.F.S. Schools established and administrated by the society in A.P. & Telangana and there are 150 Institutions (S.F.S) in India.

            S.F.S.E.M.School Rajupalem started on 06/06/2015 by the M.S.F.S. Fathers (Missionaries) with the intention to impart quality and value based Education to the Rural population / students in Rajupalem and Bellamkonda Mandals in Guntur District of Andhra Pradesh. The School is situated in a single plot of land of 10 acres 2 ½ acres of land is ear marked for physical Education for the students.

            The School building is a massive structure a three-storeyed super structure. It has an excellent ambience and façade overlooking the state High-way running between Sattenapalli and Piduguralla.

            The school has obtained opening Permission & State Recognition. There are 20 teaching staff and 13 non-teaching staff including contingent & transport staff.

            In the year 2015-16, 285 admissions were done, and in 2016-17, 360 admissions and it is II year of its inception. It has applied for CBSE syllabus Affiliation (Approval of Middle class syllabus) during the year 2015. The school has all the necessary Infrastructure with smart –boards for software education (Technical) computer science etc., to supplement & enchance the knowledge level of education. It has Fire-safety device, water supply for 24hrs, play-ground facilities, proficient & efficient teaching faculty, well-disciplined and well organized transport staff, highly motivated staff & students highly efficient dynamic, well motivated guided and laborious Management etc.,

            The school has, within a period of Nine months carved out a niche for itself and has become the cynosure / talk of the town entity. This school focuses very much on quality education to its wards.

            The Management, highly motivated and enterprising, is hopeful and planning to upgrade this institution up to class XII in the future. Education to the Rural Masses’ – that is our slogan and motto.



ST. FRANCIS DE SALES (S.F.S) school, Rajupalem is an English Medium School situated in a picturesque, serene, pan-oramic an lush green environment, studded with Neem trees spreads over 9 ½ acres of land. The entire campus is made pollution free because of the soothing presence of neem trees.

S.F.S.E.M.School is established in Rajupalem with the primary aim of catering Education of high quality & value – based to the knowledge savvy people of Bellamkonda & Rajupalem mandals. The school campus is so inspiring, attractive and conducive for teaching-learning activities.


            A gigantic super structure with three storeyed single block, having 24 class rooms in three floors  and 120 urinal stands, 60 toilets, 8 bathing cubicles and wash – basins on either side of each floor make this institution something special and spectacular



            There are 24 class-rooms and each room is 23 x 22 sizes, very spacious and congenial. In each room is fitted with 3 Fans, 3 tubes-lights, black-board, over head projector, smart-board, 15 duel desks, a table and a chair.


            To prop up & propel the teaching – learning process, besides the class-room is provided with 6 latest smart equipments at the service of the students. A touch screen of finger touch operation with attractive computerized animation captures the attention of every child and creates a joyful and highly interesting situation in the class-room


            A large collection of books, Encyclopedia, Magazines, periodicals, novels for children, adventurous & fiction story books are provided to the students for their enhancement of general knowledge (classical, technical and modern) that will ultimately lead to explosion and proliferation of true & scientific knowledge etc.,


            A well equipped laboratory with all necessary apparatus and equipments in science are provided for the advancement of knowledge to create ‘scientific temper’ in every child.


   has a well-equipped & furnished computer lab with II computers of modern software. Useful practical sessions with the help of these computers to take them to the fathomless & infinite computer world   of mysteries & wonders


            Keeping in mind the ‘Swatch Bharat’ clean India campaign we give sufficient stress to provide clean & spacious lavatories /toilets to the students. There are 120 urinal stands both for boys & girls separately, besides 60 toilets, 16 bathing rooms and 24 wash-basins for the use of students in the campus.



S.F.S.E.M has a fleet of 3 buses and 98% of the students are provided with transport facilities at a cheaper rate. The system is well managed by the Management with the co-operation of the Bus staff efficiently & admirably. Fees is being collected as per the distance the bus covers.



            A vast & spacious play-ground (2 ½ acres) is provided to keep up the momentum of fitness and healthy conditions of students in the campus. ‘A healthy mind in a healthy body’ this diction is being materialized in S.F.S. campus.


            S.F.S.E.M. has a battery of staff – so spectacular, i.e., highly motivated, qualified, active, committed ad optimistic. Only qualified staff being inducted in to the teaching cabinet.


            S.F.S. offers a very affordable system / structure of fees for the parents. It is mainly to pay remuneration to the staff for the service that they render.


            For the present we do not offer Hostel facilities. But we hope that we be able to provide Hostel facilities to the out station students in the near future.


            The management keeps the optimum number of students in every class / section to 30. It is strictly followed so as to make the class-room interaction very fruitful and useful.


            S.F.S. is provided with a very highly motivated, active, dynamic management that believes in perspiration (Hard Work), motivation and inspiration.

                                    Thank you,



S.F.S.E.M.SCHOOL, Rajupalem – 522412, Palnadu Dt. A.P.

Contact Phones: 08641-240333 (land line)

9030310246 (cell) E-mail:


            Water is the source of power / energy and also the source of life. It sustains the world. It is essential for all creatures to survive on the planet-earth. Considering the needs for conserving & preserving water in the school campus, the school is provided with 2 bore-wells with plenty of underwater facility. There are two huge water tanks to preserve water for the garden. Twenty-four hours water supply is ensured and assured for all seasons & times. It is really a marvelous and bounteous gift of mother Earth for S.F.S. school.

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